Electrical Vehicle Charging Systems

A Property Manager’s Guide

Consider these stats

  • Over 2 million Electric Vehicles (EVs) are on the road worldwide
  • 2018 EV sales increased 79% in the U.S., 78% in China, and 34% in Europe compared to 2017*
  • More than 1.18 million EV cars were on the road in the U.S. in 2019*
  • Tesla, GM, and Nissan account for 62% of the 1.18 million EVs sold*

Providing a car charging infrastructure network for tenants is the next step

See how by installing an Electrical Vehicle Energy Management System (EVEMS) you can:

  • Provide a vehicle charging service to your tenants with a one-time low investment
  • Generate a new stream of revenue
  • Be part of a green energy movement


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